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Our firm focuses on the two main business areas: inbound and outbound investments to and from Japan. 

With outbound investments, we aim to assist Japanese investors to diversify internationally by providing real estate investment opportunities outside of Japan.  With inbound investments, TTC will assist investors based outside of Japan to gain access to the real estate market in Japan by providing local expertise.  We provide high quality deal sourcing and investment/asset management services based on the following strengths:

┃In-depth understanding of the real estate market and superior network

the key members have extensive investment/asset management experience at a wide range of Japanese and Western institutions. Our broad network and experience enables us to source superior opportunities as well as to finance, close and manage deals providing our clients with the best possible results and high quality interface.

┃Innovative solutions

we can craft creative, tailor made solutions to both acquisition and management.  The members have substantial experiences of corporate acquisitions and subsequent re-structuring, repositioning of properties through renovation and major re-leasing, effective use of capital market such as IPO of J-REITs for acquired portfolios, and development/redevelopment.

┃Alignment of interests

we are independent and have no other business lines which conflict with clients’ interests.  Our primary focus is the pursuit of clients’ investment return to which the interest of the our firm will be closely aligned.

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It is critical for investors to diversify their investment portfolio in order to achieve better returns and optimize risk management.  We believe allocations to advanced nation real estate markets serves this purpose effectively for Japanese investors.  With our coverage of globally renowned asset management firms, we can source and manage investments for Japanese investors in an effective manner.

Image by Jezael Melgoza

We provide investment management services to clients who want to invest in Japanese real estate markets.  Our team can bring to bear collectively unmatched experience with some of the most successful western investment platforms in the Japan market, offering creative solutions and local expertise. We can provide our clients with superior deal sourcing and smooth professional interface and reporting.


We are able to provide a broad range of investment advisory services to various clients in all areas of the real estate investment and divestment, including acquisition, valuation & underwriting, financing, execution, asset management, leasing, disposition, and development and repositioning.

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