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Multi-Family Residential Asset,
Forward Commitment Portfolio (1)

Address:Metro Tokyo 23 Wards


Tenures:Fee simple

Total Net Lease Area:412

Total Units:11,650.86㎡(3,524.39Tsubo)

Forward commitment investment in 16 new multi family residential developments. Assets will be completed and delivered over a two-year span.  Fully modern specifications with some buildings equipped with soundproofing to suit urban needs. Well located in commute friendly areas. 


Locations: Magome, Kamata, Kamikitazawa, Honhasunuma, Higashi-Nakano, Hakusan, Kameido, Kinshicho, Musashi-Koyama, Nakano, Omori, Hatagaya, Iriya, etc.

- Ota ku (①Kamata)
- Setagaya ku(②Kamikitazawa)
- Nakano ku (③Higashi-Nakano)
- Bunkyo ku (④Hakusan)
- Sumida ku(⑤Kinshicho)
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